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Women of the Cross sits under the umbrella of the Message of the Cross Ministries International Network, a Pentecostal Full Gospel Church affiliated with Send the Rain Ministries World Missions Fellowship that is committed to taking God’s Redemption Plan – the Gospel of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ – the Message of the Cross to our nation.  We do serve as both a local church and International Missions ministry.

OUR VISION is to see souls come to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ and Him crucified (Romans 3:23 KJV; John 3:16 KJV; 2 Chronicles 7:14 KJV).  OUR MISSION is see souls saved (John 3:16 KJV) and baptized in the Holy Ghost with the evidence of speaking with an unknown tongue (Acts 2:4 KJV); for saints to live a holy life according to the Word of God (Romans 12:1-2 KJV); to train up those who are called by God to preach the Gospel of Christ crucified in the ordinance of his Holy word (2 Tim 2:15, 20, 21b KJV).

ULTIMATELY, to build up and encourage women make a stand for Christ throughout Australian, regional, remote and outback communities.

AFFILIATED WITH: The Message of the Cross Ministries International Network, a Pentecostal Full Gospel Church affiliated with Send the Rain Ministries World Missions Fellowship.

Introducing the Ministry team:

About Louise De Busch


I gave my heart to the Lord, baptised and filled with the Holy Spirit when I was quite young. I have been raised in church all my life. Being the only musician in our family when my father and mother were called by the Lord into ministry has had a strong influence upon my life to live for the Lord Jesus Christ.

Until about 8 years ago, I’ve been living a life of struggles until I came to the knowledge of the Message of the Cross through Sonlife Broadcasting Network and the Jimmy Swaggart Ministries, I came to a better understanding of how to overcome these struggles. These struggles held me back living for the Lord, and now live my life ‘as a victorious Christian’. It wasn’t until I had a revelation of the words ‘deny yourself’, the Word of God says in Luke 9:23 KJV And he said to them all, If any any man will come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross daily, and follow me; Christ already paid the price for me and you. We don’t have to struggle anymore. ‘Christ crucified’ in 1 Corinthians 1:23 KJV – are fundamental foundations for living a holy and righteous life according to the Word of God. Christ paid the ultimate price for my Salvation, Justification and Santification ie how one must live for the Lord.

I believe this ministry will allow you to learn more about living a victorious Christ life.

My heart’s desire has always been to do God’s work across this vast land of Australia and outback areas, through evangelism, ministering God’s word focusing on the foundations of the Gospel ‘Christ and Him crucified’ where our victory lies.

If you have an opportunity to attend any of the meetings, I’d encourage you to come and receive a Word from the Lord.

Be Blessed!

Louise De Busch

Contact Details: P: 07 3088 9665 | E: tmotcministriesint@outlook.com

About Venus De Busch

I was saved at the age of 12 years old in Cloncurry, outback Queensland, and served the Lord Jesus Christ for over 35 years. I grew up in humble beginnings, I was born to Walter and Grace Norway who accepted Christ as their Lord and Saviour in 1967.

I married Jim De Busch who worked for Queensland Railway Mechanised Gang. In 1975, we moved to Ingham with our 2 children Louise and James (Jnr). Donnie arrived 3 years later, followed by Markeesh. We went to raise our family in Ingham for about 9 years.

By the grace of God I found my way to a local Assemblies of God church headed by Pastor John and Cherilyn Martin where, in 1977, I was baptised in the Holy Ghost and sat under their ministry.

During that time, my husband was in a backslidden condition. He made new friends who happened to be local footballers. He went to play for Wallaman Rugby League – A grade division and in 1981 they went on to win the Grand Final that year. Jim was attending an after party with his team, that’s where the Lord met him at the door and told him, “these people are not My people”. The Holy Spirit led him to Christian Faith Centre Ingham, where an Evangelist by the name of Jack Lloyd was ministering. Then hallelujah, the Spirit of God got a hold of his heart and he was never the same. Praise God!

After 2 years serving the Lord, the Spirit of God called them both back to Mount Isa to take up ministry. The Lord drew us back to Pastor Desmond Hart who led the Full Gospel Fellowship. In 1987, we were blessed with another son Farrin. I’m a mother of 5 children now, 4 of whom are serving the Lord, and I am believing the Lord for my other son’s salvation.

I am not short of challenges living the Christian life, and along this journey with my children who have had their own struggles serving the Lord, but thank God the evangelistic work is being reignited.

Coming to an understanding of the Message of the Cross as the foundation of the Gospel has been a life changer to living a victoriously life now in Christ. Christ crucified not only paid the ultimate price for my salvation, but made a way for my santification! Hebrews 10:14 KJV.

My desire is to see souls won for the Kingdom of God, including her grandchildren, and, “to spend time with my great grandchildren living for the Lord.”

As my children’s mother in the faith, its only by the Holy Spirit I am able to share the lessons that Christ taught me and my husband preaching in Open Air meetings over North Queensland.

If you have an opportunity to, please consider attending all upcoming meetings. Don’t miss out on what God has to say to you!

Yours in Christ

Venus De Busch

Contact Details: P: 07 3088 9665 | E: tmotcministriesint@outlook.com





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The Cross of Christ Revival Rally Australia 2021

Our vision is to see souls come to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ and Him crucified (2 Chronicles 7:14 KJV)



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